Part Numbers for Drillco Carbide Percussion
Drill Bits Used to Install Maxi-Bolt Anchors

Part numbers for Drillco Carbide Percussion Bits used with Maxi-Bolts have the following template:

MCB-Diameter Series-Drill Depth-ZXX


The designation for a Drillco carbide percussion drill bit which is correctly sized to install Maxi-Bolt anchors.

Diameter Series

The Diameter Series may be one of the following, depending on the diameter of the stud bolt of the anchor to be installed:

Diameter Series Anchor Stud
Bolt Diameter
250 1/4"
375 3/8"
500 1/2"
500H 1/2" Heavy
625 5/8"
750 3/4"
1000 1"
1250 1 1/4"

The diameter of the drill bit is larger than the diameter of the Maxi-Bolt anchor's stud. They are sized to accomodate the sleeve diameter of the anchor. Nonetheless, all drills, tooling and accesories are keyed to the stud bolt diameter of the anchor through the use of these Diameter Series Designations. See Table I of the Installation Procedure for drill bit diameters and tolerances.

Drill Depth

The drilling depth of the bit. Bear in mind that, because the conical nut on the anchor occupies the bottom of the hole before the anchor is set, the hole must be drilled deeper than the embedded length of the anchor. See the third column of Table I from the Installation Procedure for details. As a minimum, the Drill Depth should equal the embedded length of the anchor + the value from the third column of Table I.


Code for the shank style of the carbide drill bit. The codes and their associated shank types are given in the following table:

Z Code Shank Type
Z01 SDS Shank
Z02 SDS Max Shank
Z03 Spline Shank

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